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Committee to Elect Jacquelin Maycumber

c/o Steve Oswin, 127 N. Wynne St., Colville WA 99114

About Me

My background

As a fourth-generation landowner in Northeast Washington, I have deep roots in the 7th District. My husband, Marty, and I live in Republic with our three children. 

I was appointed to the 7th District seat in 2017 by county commissioners from five counties. I replaced former Rep. Shelly Short, who was appointed to the state Senate.

Our district includes Ferry, Pend Oreille and Stevens counties and parts of Okanogan and Spokane counties.

My top issues

I have a passion for rural economic development, common-sense solutions to education funding and state budgeting, and for utilizing our abundant natural resources. 

My involvement

I earned a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and spent time as a biomedical research scientist. I am a former law enforcement officer and elected school board member, and have volunteered with the Chamber of Commerce.

I have served the people of the 7th District for the past nine years. First as Representative Shelly Short's Legislative Aide and then as your appointed Representative when Shelly moved to the Senate.

Legislative Accomplishments


  • Assistant Ranking on the Environment Committee
  • WA State Water Task Force Negotiator
  • Public Service Fellowship to Harvard
  • US Legislative Leaders Foundation Nomination
  • Family Policy Statesman Academy
  • Fire Equipment provided to local fire districts
  • $100,000 for Stevens County Law Enforcement First Responders Radio and Broadband
  • DFW PILT funding restored to counties
  • $280,000 provided to Okanogan, Ferry Stevens and Pend Oreille for Emergency Radios and Broadband
  • $5 million to Okanogan, Ferry, Stevens, Pend Oreille County fire prevention, Assistance and Broadband Technologies
  • Northeast Washington Economic Revitalization Alliance (NEW ERA) Leader


Ferry County

Ferry County Republican Party

Jim Schumacher

Rachel Siracuse

Okanogan County

Okanogan County Republican Party

Steve Huston

Sheilah Kennedy

Casey & Nicole Kuchenbuch

Ralph & Kerry Malone

Pend Oreille County

Pend Oreille County Republican Party

Karen Skoog - County Commissioner

Alice Moran

Bob & Doreen Moran

Spokane County

Spokane County Republican Party

Tianna Able

Tim Benn

Rob Chase

John Christina

Erica Hallock

Ross Kelley

David Kerns

Nichole Kerns

Max Kuney

Laura Padden

Jim Potts

Stevens County

Stevens County Republican Party

Wes McCart - County Commissioner

Lorrie Sampson - County Coroner

Leslie Valz - County Treasurer

James Paladin - Chair, SCRCC Vetting Committee

 Steve Bruchman

Michael & Cheryl Fenno

Priscilla Osborne

Grant & Linda Peterson

Patti Playfair

Brianna Short

Mitch Short


  1. Senator Shelly Short
  2. Rep. JT Wilcox - Minority Leader
  3. Rep. Joel Kretz - Deputy Minority Leader
  4. Rep. Matt Manweller - Assistant Floor Leader
  5. Rep. Cary Condotta
  6. Rep. Mary Dye
  7. Rep. Jeff Holy
  8. Rep. John Koster
  9. Rep. Bob McCaslin
  10. Rep. Joe Schmick
  11. Rep. Mike Steele
  12. Rep. David Taylor
  13. Rep. Mike Volz

Association Endorsements

Affordable Housing Council of the Central Washington Homebuilders Association

"AHCCW is proud to endorse your candidacy for Washington State Representative in the 7th District."

Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs

"The Council of Metropolitan Police and Sheriffs has unanimously endorsed your re-election to the House of Representatives from the 7th Legislative District. Additionally, based on your outstanding advocacy and support for law enforcement officers and first responders, the COMPAS Board voted you COMPAS Legislator of the Year for 2018.

Your passion for your community and the officers throughout Washington state is a breath of fresh air in a political climate that is quick to blame the shortfalls of society squarely on those who protect and serve."


Hampton Lumber

 “… you understand how important it is to our economy and our communities that natural resources policy and regulation are practical and science-based. We also appreciate your common-sense attitude about supporting businesses in Washington without imposing impractical and expensive regulations."

Human Life PAC

National Federation of Independent Business Washington PAC

"We are proud to again endorse Rep. Jacquelin Maycumber for state representative. Her tenacity and grasp of complex and contentious water-rights and environmental issues have already established her as an influential force on some of the most pressing and controversial policy debates impacting small-business and other property owners. It is clear Rep. Maycumber cares deeply about rural economic development and the absolute imperative of protecting the rights of small business owners to own, operate, and grow their businesses, creating the jobs and opportunities our communities depend upon. She is indeed #7thDistrictStrong."

Physical Therapy Association of Washington's Board of Directors

"You have received PTWA's endorsement for your 2018 legislative campaign. This endorsement is based on your healthcare leadership in the Legislature and your continued support for the physical therapy profession and the patients we serve."

Washington Dairy Families

"It is my pleasure to inform you that Washington Dairy Families, the political action committee of the Washington State Dairy Federation has endorsed your campaign for the Washington State House of Representatives. This endorsement reflects our members' trust in you to serve and lead our state, our communities, our rural farm families, and, in particular, our dairy industry."

Washington Food Industry Association

"WFIA is proud to endorse you and your 2018 re-election campaign. Through your voting record and other legislative actions, you have shown your concern and support of the independent grocery industry, its local owners and their employees. Growing local owned businesses is the backbone to Washington State's economy and job growth and we look forward to continuing our work with you on these important issues in the future."

Washington Hospitality Association

"We recognize your commitment and service to your community, district and the hospitality industry in Washington State."

Washington Retail Association

"The association and its members across the state count on legislators who understand and support policies that impact retailers, businesses and our state's economy. Your voting record was in agreement with our members' legislative priorities this year, which distinguishes you as a strong supporter of the retail industry."

Washington State School Retirees' Association

Washington State Veterinary Medical Association PAC

"Your endorsement by the WSVMA-PAC is based on the strong recommendations of the Washington State Veterinary Medical Association, the WSVMA Legislative Advocate Greg Hanon, Dr. Mike Burdette, and other veterinarians in District 7 who support your candidacy. Your support of the veterinarians' important role in agriculture, public health, and the lives of the pet owning public is greatly appreciated."


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Committee To Elect Jacquelin Maycumber

c/o Steve Oswin, 127 N. Wynne St., Colville WA 99114